A by-word for good times, pasta is ideal for family dinners or meals with friends. There is a shape for every occasion and it is surprisingly diverse: there are no less than 600 varieties! Quickly discover Panzani's varieties!

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Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Capellini... Découvrez une grande variété de pâtes longues et savoureuses.

Traditional long pastas

Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Capellini... Discover a wide variety of long and tasty pastas which let you to have a great time. With the Panzani long pastas, you're never short for ideas for fun!

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Traditional short pastas

A love of food, comfort and energy... Listing all the reasons to love the Panzani short pastas would take a long time! The varieties are endless in order to be sure of finding the one that will be enjoyed around the table. A small size, but a big helping of pleasure!

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Pour tous les gourmands qui n'ont pas le temps d'attendre, Panzani propose sa gamme de pâtes qui cuisent en 3 minutes seulement.

Pasta 3 minutes

Really practical! Gourmet pasta which cooks in just 3 minutes thanks to its finer dough. Ideal for pleasing all your family in record time.

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Pour énumérer toutes les bonnes raisons d'aimer les pâtes courtes Panzani, la liste est longue !

Pastas for soups and broths

What's great about winter is that you can find comfort in soup! Pastas with fine and varied shapes, ideal in a broth or a soup... The Panzani soup pasta warms everyone's hearts around the table!

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Plutôt Lasagnes ou Cannelloni ? A vrai dire, quand on est gourmand, on est carrément les deux !

Lasagne and cannelloni

More Lasagne or Cannelloni? The truth is, when you're a food lover, you really want both! Use them to prepare simple dishes or more sophisticated ones, depending on your tastes.

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La gamme Epinards & Tomates Panzani, c'est un peu comme un dimanche ensoleillé en famille.

Pastas with vegetables

With pasta with vegetables you can be really creative! and this delicious pasta is your best friend in terms of getting your children to eat vegetables...

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Délicieuses pour les adultes, idéales pour les enfants !


Delicious for adults, ideal for children! The Minis are a range of small pastas in really original shapes, which allow children to discover all the pleasures of Italian cuisine. Small in size, big in flavour!

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