Tomato expertise

Based in the middle of the fields, Panzani monitors its tomato crops very closely. Our experts control the creation of all the sauces to guarantee their origin and their quality! It's time to leave received wisdom behind for a fresh perspective.

Welcome to the world of Panzani sauces!

Panzani based its main production site in the heart of the tomato fields and exercises strict control over all the key stages of tomato growing. Panzani therefore guarantees a product of a perfectly controlled quality and origin.

So, don't delay and discover the trade secrets of Panzani sauces.

A 5 stage process

1 - Growing and Harvesting: respecting the tomato

Panzani creates its sauce recipes with sun-ripened tomatoes from the field. Our partner farmers carefully select the varieties and harvest them when they are completely ripe, between July and September.
Panzani chooses to work directly with freshly harvested tomatoes to give its sauces all the fragrant taste of ripe, sun-drenched tomatoes!

2 - Proper sorting

Immediately after harvesting, the tomatoes are washed and sorted. Only those meeting the Panzani quality requirements are kept: removing tomatoes that are still too under-ripe, ones that are over ripe and potential foreign bodies (leaves, stones, etc.).

3 - Tomatoes in all their states

When they enter the kitchens, the tomatoes are peeled. They are then cut up to become pulp or crushed to become purée.

4 - Creating the recipes

At the same time, the different recipes are created: onions, carrots and other vegetable are fried, as well as possibly meat. The tomatoes and the other ingredients (salt, aromatic herbs, etc.) are then added to this mixture for the cooking stage.

5 - From us to you

The sauces are then packaged and undergo heat treatment to ensure they are preserved properly. Lastly, our sauces are cooled so they can fill the shelves of your favorite stores!


Pasta quality process

For 60 years, Panzani has been working on behalf of food lovers!
Because all pasta is not the same, Panzani is always enriching its knowledge, in order to offer you superior quality pasta every time. Discover the secrets of how it is made here!

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The secrets of our pesto

In order to showcase all the flavours of a quality pesto Panzani creates its recipes with basil grown in Italy.

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To cook your dishes your way, there is nothing better than Panzani sauces! Deliciously prepared tomatoes for great gourmet moments.

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