Pesto quality process

"To offer you a tasty and undeniable quality Panzani pesto, we grow our basil in Italy, where the land and climate are ideal for its proper growth.

Discover the key stages of its production"

Welcome to the world of Panzani pestos!

Making a good pesto is a real art! Oil, basil, garlic, cheese, pine nuts: each ingredient counts!

Discover how Panzani ensures the quality of its pesto.

A 4 stage process

1 - Growing and harvesting

We select basil seeds "alla genovese", recognised for their gustatory qualities. Our basil is grown in open ground and sun-ripened until summer. The harvest takes place between mid-July and September when there is maximum sunlight. Did you know? The basil harvest is done at night as its when the essential oils are most present in the stems, which allows them to keep more of their scent.

2 - The basil processing

Thanks to the proximity to the fields and factory, the basil is processed within 72 hours. The basil is washed, sorted by hand and cut up, before being combined with the other ingredients making up each pesto.

3 - Creating the recipes

"During this time, we work hard in the kitchen to get a subtle blend of olive oil, pine nuts and tasty Italian cheeses which, combined with the fresh basil, will provide a unique taste to the Panzani pesto.
To vary the pleasure, Panzani pesto is available with whole pine nuts or with ricotta!"

4 - From the shelves to your table

Lastly, the pestos are packaged and cooled so they end up in your favourite stores and then on your table!


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