Our commitments

Our pasta and sauces quality process, our skills, our resources and even our trade secrets... Quickly discover all the Panzani commitments.

Panzani quality

Everyday Panzani strives for quality in its products.
Selection, expertise, testing:
for pastas and sauces, every effort is made to only offer you the best.

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Panzani a unique pasta

Panzani has been supporting you day-to-day for 60 years, by using its expertise to make superior quality pasta with such a unique taste

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Expertise in tomatoes

From the tomato fields to your plate, Panzani ensures rigorous testing over all its sauces to always guaranty a superior taste!

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The secrets of our pesto

In order to showcase all the flavours of a quality pesto Panzani creates its recipes with basil grown in Italy.

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