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Everything you need to know about mozzarella

Everything you need to know about mozzarella

It's an essential! In salads, pastas and pizzas, it is an essential in both summer and winter. Fine and meltingly soft, it transports us to Italy every time / with every mouthful....

A great Italian tradition...
Mozzarella comes from the Italian "mozzare" which means "to cut off", as the cheese is cut off by hand during production. Its origins go back to the importing of buffaloes to work on the lands of southern Italy. The farmers quickly realised how creamy the milk of the buffalo cows was, particularly suited to the production of cheeses. Thus, mozzarella was born! The creamy nature of the milk of this variety of cows is such that 4 litres of milk is required to make 1kg of mozzarella, compared to 12 for regular cow's milk.

... which means it can be enjoyed by lots of people!
Hmmmm… Mozza! Its creamy texture makes us all melt with pleasure. Its delicate flavour combines perfectly with that of tomatoes and olive oil to tingle your taste buds.
Allow yourself to be tempted by our tasty torti with tomatoes and mozzarella recipe or by our Italian style fusilli salad!

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